A four-bedroom manufactured home has a lot of room available for an established family or for beginning your own growing family. The team at Homes 2 Geaux is proud to be able to sell you the perfect home to suit your family for years to come. For over twenty years, we've been helping the residents of Louisiana and surrounding states find the home of their dreams, no matter their situation in life. We're ready to do what we can to help you and your family get your dream home.

We work with a variety of manufacturers to ensure that we have a lot of options available for our clients to choose from. However, we do more than just sell you the home. We'll also work with you to ensure that you start off home ownership on the right foot. All of our home sales include setup and delivery; on top of that, we also include air conditioning installation. We also offer additional services for those who are interested. These additional services include: plumbing, sewage and septic, electrical box installation, and mobile home dirt pad installation. You know you're in good hands when you work with our team.

Purchasing a home is a big step in anyone's life. We're here to make that step as painless as possible with our financing options. All home purchases include the land that the home is currently on. Additionally, if you'd like the home moved closer to where you currently are, we will move the home closer to you. If you happen to already own some land that you would like the home moved to, we're happy to work with you, and we'll even allow you to use the land in lieu of a down payment on your four-bedroom manufactured home.

If you're interested in our four-bedroom mobile homes for sale or have any questions with us, please feel free to reach out us by filling out a form or calling us at 337-948-0925. We look forward to helping you get home of your dreams for years to come.